Uni-Cape Equipment proudly partner with Stab A Load the leaders in the African Dock levellers industry and Kelley Docking Solutions (USA). The Keiiey ÄFX pneumatic dock leveller remains to be the number 1 seid dock leveller worldwide for the last 20 years.

Simple push button operation, low pressure high volume air lift system results in the most reliable and robust dock leveler in the industry carrying the strongest warranties unmatched by the competition. Uni-Cape Equipment is also able to offer the Stab A Load LX dock leveller that has proven to be the most popular and robust local brand for decades, compared with other low cost local alternatives.

Furthermore we are able to supply a comprehensive range of electro-hydraulic dock levellers with deck lengths up to 4500mm and carrying capacities up to 20 000kg as well as the conventional manual hydraulic or manual hand pump hydraulic unit. Dock leveller supplies is a major focal point of Uni-Cape’s business.

Accessory dock products supplied included dock bumpers, truck restraints, trailer restrains, low speed high volume fans, mini dock levellers, vertical store dock levellers, dock lights, bumper bollards, pipe bollards, truck wheel guides, dock modular systems, free standing external dock pods and pallet inverters or pallet exchange systems.

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