EPSILON recycling and timber cranes come up to the requirements of the European machinery directive. This norm defines standards for loaders regarding design, calculation, installation and handing over to the customer.

OVERLOAD PROTECTION AND LOAD HOLDING VALVES Cranes need to be secured depending on the control mode electronically or mechanically. Load holding valves avoid a deepening of the load, in case of hose burst/rips.

STABILIZING CYLINDERS WITH PENDULUM PLATES Stabilizing plates have to level out unevenness of the ground up to 10º in each direction. Further warning and safety devices are demanded by the norm and a practical feedback for the operator. STABILIZER CONTROL WITH LIMIT SWITCH This system supervises on the one hand, if the crane is in transport position and on the other hand, if the crane is stabilized during operation. MAIN BOOM CONTROL This system supervises the transport position of the crane, as well as the position of the main boom when operating from a stand up in order to protect the operator.

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