In order to be able to provide a complete after sales service to its customers, Uni-Cape Equipment carries a wide range of spares necessary to maintain its entire product range. In many cases these spares are suitable for other brands of equipment so Uni-Cape is also able to help those who have not yet switched to Uni-Cape’s products. To find out if we have the parts for you don't hestitate to contact us.

Spares available include:

Crane Parts

Hoses, valves, pins, seals, cylinders, booms, pipes as well as filters and wear pads.

Tailgate Parts

Hydraulic cylinders, slides, guilds, valves, cables and power pack parts.

Docking Equipment Parts

Hydraulic/air bags, motor, springs and docking bumpers.

Pallet Trucks and Stackers Parts

All wheels, hydraulic motors, pump seal kits, chain slides, guides rollers and forks.

Industrial Sweeper Parts

Engines and drive train spares. Filters and consumables, brushes and chains as well as brush wire.